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Various services can be provided according to different requirements of customers, with regards to high-end customers, their need can be accurately grasped in below regime:


PMC is near to you to advise best way to achieve your goals in designing, in procurement and in construction to select your subcontractors.

Plant Design:

Performing respective calculation, preparing datasheets, by using PDMS in:

→ Process

→ Piping

→ Electrical

→ Instrumentation

→ Civil

→ Structure

→ Equipment

Equipment Design:

Solid modeling, 3d design, simulating and FEA for fixed equipment (i.e. storage tank, pressure vessels, heat exchangers) also for skid mounted packages (i.e. chemical injection, dehydration, de-salters…)

The performed projects are as below by PMC:

6Burner Boom Modification National Exploration CompanyNational Exploration Company2006
5Bi Carbonate SodiumKaveh GroupKaveh SodaFeb 2006 - Jun 2006
47000 MPTD MethanolKaveh GroupKaveh MethanolJun 2006
3Soda AshKaveh GroupKaveh SodaMar 2005
2Hegmataneh PVC Medical GradeHegmataneh PetrochemicalTondokApr 2004 - Sep 2004
1Sanandaj Power plantGhods NirooPars KayhanFeb 2004