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BUNGARTZ CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS – from the submerged pump and magnet-coupled chemical pumps to horizontal slurry pumps – master difficult and complex pumping tasks around the world, and are virtually cavitation-free and self-ventilating. Amongst other things, they are resistant to solids, dry-running, self-regulating, wear-resistant, low-maintenance, and have a high level of intrinsic safety. Designed for the application, they are suitable for boiling, polymerising, crystallising and toxic media in all Atex zones.


Bungartz considers itself a supplier of pumping systems and solutions. Nowadays, difficult and complex feed tasks appear in nearly all branches of the chemical and petrochemical industry, in power plant technology and in environmental protection. Here innovative, tailor-made and robust solutions are in demand. The Bungartz special centrifugal pumps for extreme operations undertake those jobs, which are too demanding for others. They are applied to problems which defeat standard pumps.

Bungartz pumps solve problems when dealing with:

  • shaft seals
  • poor feed conditions
  • challenging pumping media
  • gas containing liquids
  • liquids close to boiling point
  • corrosive and / or abrasive pumping media
  • sophisticated plant technology



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