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PMC is a well known company in delivering various types of equipment including but not limited to : pumps, electero motors,valves and instrument for oil, gas and power industries.

Any received enquiry is processed by our commercial/engineering department to fit the customer’s need.

Our scope of supplying is included but not limited to :




From Brunnbauer-Armaturen (AUSTRIA)

→ Pressure Reducing Valves, Check valves, Butterfly Valves, Control and Shut-off Valves, Globe valves, Ball valves, Diaphragm Valve and Gate Valves

Registered in AVL ICOFC.

In Iran Only For: “Chemical Industry”



  • PUMPS:

→ Special Pumps For Special Usage

→ Dosing & Metering Pumps (API 675), Progressive Cavity Pumps/Centrifugal Pumps

Positive Metering Systems Int .(UK)  + SONNEK (Austria)

(Pulsation Damper + Calibration Pot + Pressure safety valve)



  • MIXER:

→ Mixers (Static &Dynamic) by FillWorth (UK), GREC (Italy)




→ Navigation aids for production and living quarter top sides and platforms by Pharos Marine (UK).




→ Complete flare solutions by Prematechnik (Germany)





→ Well Heads, X-Mas Trees, Gate Valves & Manifolds

→ Wireline Pressure Control Equipment & Tool String

→ Coil Tubing Pressure Control Equipment, Tubing Heads, Hangers and Tools

→ Treating Irons, Unions, Swivels & Circulating Heads

→ Flanges Studs & Nuts Ring Gaskets Pipe Fitting and Pipes, Butterfly Valve,

Check Valve, Pipeline Valve, Plug Valve, Ball Valve, Mud Valve

→ Tubular, Drilling & Workover Tools, Cementing Equipment

→ Gas Lift Equipment

→ Downhole Flow Control

→ Completion Equipment and Tool

→ Sucker Rod Pressure Control Equipment & Tools

→ Well Testing Equipment

→ Fishing & Milling Tool




→ Differential and Pressure & Temp. Gauge, Thermowell, RTD:

♦ General Instruments

→ Flow Element

♦ General Instruments

→ Manifold Valves & Fittings

♦ General Instruments

→ Control Valve, MOV

♦ Petrol Valve




PMC’s proven systems increases oil production by high pressure water injection into onsite flood oil wells.

PMC- SONNEK’s proven systems cover the whole line of produced water on oil and gas fields starting with water treatment after oil production all the way down to high pressure injection into onsite flood wells.
Interfacing problems between systems of different suppliers are prevented and all items are delivered as Plug & Pump containerized
modules or skid solutions.

An international team supplies from a single source:
♦ Engineering and system design
♦ Production
♦ Factory acceptance test
♦ Commissioning and start-up on site
♦ Service and maintenance

The Plug & Pump approach enables the customer to have the systems ready for use immediately after installation, and to react quickly to unplanned changes on the field by simply moving or exchanging modules.  until today more than 70 turnkey systems were supplied for produced water, working worldwide and trouble-free.