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In PMC we are honored to take care about the environment and try to treat the wastes and manage them in a way to protect the customer money and environment at the same time.
We do have couple of international partners for this purpose Sonnek that link us to a very broad spectrum of manufacturers and Puratek that is a unique oil and heavy metals waste management, besides we design and manufacture the MOT & MOS packages that separate and refine the oil during early production and/or work-over the wells to the tanks which protects environment of pollution for burning the oil in burn pits and at the same time earn money to owner for recovering the oil!


SONNEK develops and operates turnkey, integrated systems for the treatment of water, wastewater and other liquids. Over 20 years, SONNEK has been planning and building sustainable treatment systems with the goal of meeting customer-specific requirements.

The spectrum of solution ranges are from mechanical pre-filtration and physical separation through chemical treatment stages to ultrafiltration and sludge dewatering. The overall planning, production and responsibility come here also from a single source. Read More…

Sludge drying

WATROPUR develops, builds and maintains screw presses and sludge dryers for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. The systems are sold under the brand name WATROMAT. The standardized plant pallet is suitable for dewatering, drying of filter cake sludge and sewage sludge. WATROPUR AG has 3 production plants with a total production area of 33,500 m2, 8 subsidiaries, and around 50 distribution partners worldwide. Read More…

Sewage treatment plants & wastewater

SONNEK assists you in choosing the right pump technology, as well as planning, installation, commissioning of sewage and water supply systems for waste water treatment plants and canal construction:


  • Complete solutions that can be found in one place
  • Turnkey systems from the initial planning up to commissioning incl. additional service support
  • Top products and partners for the implementation of the tasks
  • Implementation of economic analysis in the selection of the pump technology to optimize the costs of the entire system runtime

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Oily Sludge-Treatment


Vacuum Suction

NORM  waste treatment