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Chemical Injection Packages

PMC designs and manufactures high technology engineering process packages for the oil/gas and chemical processing industries. supplying the complete design and manufacture for a full range of equipment.  From single point injection units to multi-compartmented, multi-fluid packaged systems all are constructed to International Standards.

We honor to have a proven track in design and manufacturing of various kind of Skid Mounted Packages specially in “Chemical Injection Packages”.

Chemical injection package is the essential installation and apparatus for extending the structural life of the plant and stabilization of the products by quantitatively injecting the chemicals needed in every process industry field such as power generation, seawater desalination, oil & gas plant into a per-component. We emphasis on the Design & Production available for fully automatic operation.



We do the followings:

  •  Sampling package
  •  Filtration package
  •  Water treatment package
  •  Dehydration package
  •  Custody Metering package
  •  Electrochlorination
  •  Online Monitoring (API 684)
  •  Seal Panel (API 682, 610)
  •  Seal Skid
  •  De-salter
  •  Safety Shower
  •  Sample Cooler
  •  Oil mist Package
  •  Liquid Chlorine injection package
  •  Fire water skid
  •  Deluge valve
  •  Well head control panel
  •  Hydraulic control panel

Antifoam injection packages south pars phase14, 2016 Fully designed and manufactured by PMC.

PMC is the only partner of Positive Metering Systems (PMS) UK, in Iran. PMS is a leading worldwide company supplying chemical injection systems and skid mounted packages with over 25 years of experience and proven track of projects all over the world.

Electro Dehydrators

Increased effectiveness of the oil dehydration and desalting on the oil fields and refineries

For the new generation of the electric dehydrators an innovative technical solution for the electrode system has been created and implemented by CJSC NEFTECH. Vertical resistive electrodes are now made of nonconventional material with the special combination of electro-physical, physical and technical characteristics. In terms of functionality this combination makes the electrode system unique and more productive.

The main benefits of the new generation of electric dehydrators

  1. Complete elimination of any possibility of the electrodes’ short-circuits and power supply shutdowns.
  2. Successful dehydration of the high water-cut oil that may contain up to 50-60% of water at input.
  3. Effective and stable operation of the electric dehydrator even when more than 30% of water enter interelectrode zone.
  4. Implementation of highly efficient mode of the emulsion electrical treating in coordination with the dynamics of thewater droplets coalescence and their gravitational settling.
  5. Time for the electrical emulsion treating increased to double in comparison to conventional electric dehydrators. This allows to enhance the performance of the deviceand the depth of the oil dehydration and desalting.
  6. Reduction in operating costs due to low power consumption and possibility to complete the electric dehydrators with the high-voltage power supplies of lower power rate and price.
  7. Significant compensation in augmentation of the amperage and of the electricity consumed by electric dehydrator during the heat of the raw materials that is achieved by unique electro-physical specifications of the resistive electrodes’ material.
  8. Provide the high-level operational stability of the dehydrator in a wide range of the raw material qualities and parameters of the technological mode.
  9. Allow the increase in the effectiveness of the electro emulsification process and in the depth of the oil dehydration and desalting.

All our electric dehydrators ED-V-RE are completed with 100% reactive high voltage power supplies from NWL company, explosion-proof high voltage input systems , washout and sludge removal devices , as well as with the means of eduction of the intermediate layer.

All existing ED-type electric dehydrators of all dimensions can be re-equipped with the new electrode systems.


PMC is the Official distributer of Neftech in IRAN. For more than 30 years, Neftech has been a developer, manufacturer and supplier of the equipment for oil E&P operators and refineries.

The group of companies “Neftech” includes enterprises like “NeftechGazMash”,”Neftechimmash”,” “Neftechproekt”,”Neftechimlab”